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Looks Like Me

I found 123 Looks Like Me to be a very well-written and beautifully illustrated children's book. My daughter loves it! I love the message that it sends - that looks can be different, but we are all beautiful in our own way. I would highly recommend 123 Looks Like Me for families with young children!
I love this book! It's so beautiful and the story is so well written. I usually read it once a week with my daughter because she loves it too. The illustrations are fantastic, they are just my style. My whole family loves this book and I highly recommend it!
I had my child start using 123 Looks Like Me for her math class. She is only 6, but I wanted to start her out early on 3rd grade math so that she doesn't fall behind in school later. I was worried that it might be too difficult for her to understand at this age, but she loves it & has already mastered counting!

Lesa M Covington Clarkson, PhD is Mathematics Education faculty member at the University of Minnesota where her research focuses on mathematics in urban settings. More recently this research has been using a critical lens to examine the experiences of underrepresented students in and beyond the eighth grade algebra course requirement. 

As an educator with 4+ decades of experience in the classroom, she prepares students for success in real world mathematics and the study of traditional (classroom) mathematics. Dr. Clarkson defines “real world” mathematics as the math that people actually use in their careers and their day – to – lives. 

No one should every think of themselves as “not a math person” because of negative experiences in classroom courses. Rather, her hope is for young people to “see” themselves as a math person from kindergarten throughout their formal education and in life. s leo.